What we do

Here at 1214 Media, we want to inspire you to develop all your ideas, we want to help you create the best business & lastly we want to help you grow in all areas of your business journey. Send us a message if you would like to know more about how we can help you!

What we do


Branding is the foundation of any company. It allows people to identify & resonate with who you are. It is one of the most pivotal components to creating a successful brand. Our services include logo design, brand voice, colour palette, website redesign, typography & packaging. Our services are not limited, so we are happy to cater to any needs you may have.

Social Media

Our team works together in researching all current and developing trends across all social media platforms, allowing your business to be reactive and stay relevant. We plan and execute campaigns for all areas of your socials, from designing creatives to scheduling to offering performance reports. Our services also include intensive influencer outreach to find the right people to work with your business.


Our team have extensive experience in managing, planning & executing events and aim to deliver the best experiences for all involved. Whether it’s a launch, sporting event, pop-up shop or influencer trips, there is no event too small that the team won’t get stuck into.

Public Relations

A strong PR team is key to a business to ensure you are gaining maximum exposure and reaching your audience. Our team have a wealth of experience and contacts across all media from TV & Radio to all print press, the team are constantly looking for key publicity opportunities to get your name out there. From traditional press to influencer outreach programmes, to brand collaborations and more – our team can facilitate all aspects of PR to suit you.

Product Design

The product design service we offer at 1214 allows our clients to work closely with us from idea generation right through to manufacture – we can bring your product to life. We offer a range of product design packages from simple design work to full-service development including idea exploration, prototyping & testing, creation, manufacturing, and marketing.

Website Design

An appealing, user friendly and professional website can play a crucial part in your business’s success. Our web design team can bring your business to life and make a real impact designing and coding a cutting-edge website. From landing pages, to blogs to E-commerce websites and more. At 1214 we want to work together to ensure you stand out.

Creative Content

Our highly skilled design team can create virtually anything for your business needs, transforming your ideas into real life. From creatives designs for all social platforms, complete website design, merchandise design, full re-branding, email newsletters, event branding, and much more. You name it – we can create it.


The extensive knowledge of many industries within our team allows us to provide guidance and advice to help with all of your business needs. Always thriving to increase your brand awareness.

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